Tips to Have a Smoother Post-LASIK Recovery Period

Preparing for your laser eye surgery is simple enough. Stop wearing contact lenses so that your cornea gets back to its natural shape (it’s important for surgical accuracy), and stop wearing makeup, moisturizers, and eye creams a couple of days prior.

Recovering is not only simple, but convenient, too. In fact, you can head on home as soon as the procedure is finished. What’s important, though, is that you have someone to drive you and help you move around.

There are other things that you should consider when going into post-LASIK eye surgery recovery. Here are some of them that could help you have a faster and smoother healing time.

Rest your eyes

Your eyes deserve some rest after the operation that it went through. Get some sleep for a few hours afterwards. Unplug in the meantime; stay away from electronics such as TV or your mobile device. It’s a must that you don’t expose your eyes to the glare of these devices because your eyes will still be sore and sensitive following the operation.

Wear sunglasses

Speaking of glares, you’ll also need to wear sunglasses when you go out during the day to avoid the sun’s harsh glare. If it can be helped, then it’s much preferable to stay indoors in the meantime. Just make sure to avoid strong and bright lights as these could irritate your eyes.

Don’t Scratch!

Yes, it will be itchy and just a tad bit uncomfortable. You may even feel a mild burning sensation, but whatever happens, don’t scratch it. Don’t even touch your eye. You don’t want to risk irritation–or worse, infection. Wear post-surgery protective eyewear at all times, if necessary.


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