Laser Eye Surgery for Visual Deterioration

Visual deterioration is a condition that, if left unattended, could lead to a laser eye surgery. No matter the cause, a gradual decline in your vision is a frustrating experience. Thankfully, laser eye surgery is available to correct any such issues, but what are the most common causes of visual deterioration that surgeons see?

Genetic Factors

Visual deterioration can be genetic or a complication of a certain illness, such as infection, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. There are theories that issues such as cataracts are inherited, or people can at least be predisposed to them depending on their heritage. Over 20 million people in the US have cataracts, and by the age of 80, over half of those people will suffer cataracts. This makes cataracts one of the leading reasons people choose corrective vision surgery.

Environmental Factors

Some people may experience an eye injury which can affect their vision over the long term. It’s also possible that repeated straining of the eyes in the workplace or at home can cause damage that can only be corrected with surgery. Regardless of what you think has caused your deterioration, always discuss your eye history with your consultant.

Unknown Factors

Most frustratingly, many optical deteriorations come from unknown, natural causes. Your eyesight may gradually worsen as you grow older, leading you to consider laser eye surgery to eliminate the need to wear glasses all of the time.

Whatever the type of visual deterioration prompting you to explore laser eye surgery, be sure to speak to a surgeon about the procedure and your issues. There is no need to keep living with poor vision, especially given the ease and success rate of laser eye surgery.


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