Common Misconceptions About LASIK Eye Surgery

The Internet is filled with inaccurate information about LASIK eye surgery. This can put many people off from pursuing an actually low-risk procedure. When researching LASIK eye surgery, there are some common misconceptions that you may come across, but shouldn’t heed.

It’s Painful

You may think that a laser eye surgery must be painful, but this is not actually true. LASIK eye surgery, in particular, is known for having very little pain associated with it. An anaesthetic is dropped into your eye to relax and numb it. Because it is a topical anaesthetic, there is no need for a needle or injection.

If you can handle a generic eye drop or wash, then you should not experience any problems with pain during LASIK surgery.

Recovery Time is Long

Many people think that it takes a long time to recover from LASIK surgery because they relate it to traditional surgery. In reality, the majority of people are back to functioning normally, with corrected vision, within 24 hours of the procedure.


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