Recovering from LASIK Eye Surgery

The words ‘recovering from surgery’ usually conjures images of a long and tedious healing period. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for many modern surgery methods, LASIK Eye Surgery included. In fact, the moment you sit up after your procedure, healing will already have started, and you’ll be well on your way to a full recovery in just a matter of days. That said, it pays to know what to expect from your procedure so you can speed up your recovery time.

Right after your surgery, your eyes may feel itchy. You may also feel sensitive to light or have something that’s seemingly covering parts of your vision. These are all normal symptoms, and they’ll all disappear after a few days or weeks depending on how quickly your body heals. Many patients return to work within a couple of days after a LASIK procedure, but it’s important to keep the following steps in mind to make the recovery process go smoother.

  • After your surgery, take a nap when you get home after applying the first dose of your eye drops. Patients who take a lengthy rest right after the procedure tend to recover quicker.
  • You may suffer from dry eyes from six to twelve weeks after your surgery. As your nerves regenerate, be religious in using the artificial tears they recommend for you.
  • Wear eye covering when you sleep for two weeks after surgery. This will prevent you from accidentally rubbing your eyes in your sleep or upon waking.
  • Wear sunglasses for a week.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs

To know more about post-surgery must-dos, book a consultation with a LASIK eyer surgery provider.


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