Adjusting to New Lenses After Cataract Surgery

Weeks after cataract surgery, the incision will heal and your vision will clear up, however, it will take you some time before you get accustomed to having a new lens in your eye. While many can adapt quickly and completely, others may adapt more slowly. This is because your brain will need time to get used to it, and it may take some time before you can totally adjust to the new lens.

In order to strengthen your vision, you will need to practice your sight at different distances, especially if your doctor replaced your natural lens with multifocal lens. To speed up the adjustment and practice your sight, you can perform several activities.

Distance Vision

If you play sports, then you can use the opportunity to aid in quickly adapting. Sports that require you to focus on an object in the distance such as golf and tennis are good examples. You should also try watching a movie in a theater as this requires you to focus on the screen from a distance.

Intermediate Vision

A few more ways to strengthen your vision include looking at a laptop or computer monitor, watching television, and gardening.

Near Vision

For near vision activities, you should consider needlework, drawing, or other hobbies that require looking at an object closely. Simple activities like reading, writing, and eating are also ideal in practicing your sight. Using a smartphone or any handheld device can help your brain adjust to your new lens as well.

Combining Distances

Some activities for combining distances include exploratory activities which require you to look near and far, playing sports that demand you to use your eye over the entire visual range, and, playing with children or pets because your eyes are required to follow moving objects that approach and recede from you.



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