Ask Your LASIK Surgeon: Resuming Normal Activities

LASIK surgery can give you clearer vision without the need for corrective lenses. Having clear vision in itself opens up a new world of possibilities for you, including better performance in sports activities, as well as give you more confidence about your appearance. Due to the nature of the surgery, however, you won’t be able to experience all the benefits right away. Your LASIK surgeon will advise you when you can resume your normal activities after surgery.

Bathing or Showering

Your surgeon will advise you to bathe a day after surgery, and will recommend taking a bath rather than showering. This is because water droplets during shower can splash into your eyes and cause complications. Additionally, you will be advised against using shampoo as it may also get into the eyes and cause an infection.


Your eyes will be sensitive and blurry right after the surgery. For this reason, your surgeon will suggest having someone with you to drive you home after the procedure and to the eye center the next day for a checkup. When your doctor determines that you meet the state’s legal vision requirement for driving without the need for corrective lenses, then you can drive again.

Going Back to Work

Typically, LASIK patients can return to work a day or two after their surgery. This is assuming that their work environment is clean. You will be advised to use artificial tears or medicated drops to avoid dry eyes.

Exercising and Other Activities

You can go back to exercising a few days after your surgery, but will be advised against lifting heavy items or doing exercises that are too strenuous. The same applies to sports activities–non-contact sports are allowed a few days after LASIK surgery while contact sports are only approved several weeks after the procedure.

Wearing Makeup/Using Face Products

Your LASIK surgeon will advise you not to wear any makeup or use face products right after surgery. After a week, you may be allowed to use brand new makeup and will be told to discard old ones as these may contain bacteria that can cause infections.



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