When Is the Right Time for a Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts can affect your eyes in different ways, such as cause nearsightedness and change your prescription. To address these changes, your eye doctor will likely give you new prescription glasses in order to aid in improving your blurred vision. A more permanent solution that your doctor will suggest is to undergo cataract surgery. The surgical removal of your natural lens is the only treatment for cataracts.

Remove It Now or Later?

If you have a cataract but it’s not affecting your eyesight and performance in your daily activities, then your doctor may not recommend removing it surgically. In many cases, cataracts don’t cause blurred vision or hinder people from having active lives. If your cataract, however, has made it hard for you to read road signs or read print due to a blurry vision or drive at night due to a disabling glare, then your eye doctor will recommend surgery.

Do I wait for the cataract to become “ripe” before removal?

Previously, it was difficult to remove a cataract unless it was at an advanced stage of development, or “ripe”. Technological advances have made it possible for surgeons to remove a cataract at any stage; however, your doctor will determine whether or not it’s alright to leave the cataract as is. As mentioned, if it isn’t causing blurred vision and hindering your lifestyle, then there’s no urgent need to remove it.

Your Decision

Your doctor will recommend cataract surgery when it’s necessary, but it’s still up to you to decide whether or not you want to undergo surgery. With ample information regarding the procedure, its benefits and its side effects, you can make an informed decision.



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