Regression in LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can correct many refractive vision errors, improve eyesight, and reduce the need for glasses and contact lenses, if not do away with them altogether. If done by a highly qualified Orange County laser surgeon, the procedure has a better chance of being successful with no complications. However, patients can experience regression.

Actually, regression is a natural part of the LASIK healing process, and eye surgeons account for this when they correct your eyes. Normally, regression will stop within the average six-month healing period. However, regression may continue to progress in some patients.

For the most part, regression can be easily avoided. Patients have certain responsibilities in the success of the LASIK procedure and their personal recovery. Below are some of the best vision care practices you can do to keep your eyesight optimal for as long as possible

  • Take a five to ten minute break from the computer screen every hour. This is especially important if you face the computer all day.
  • Exercise your eye muscles regularly by rolling your eyes, massaging your temples, and by focusing on near and far objects.
  • Eat plenty of foods that are good for eye health, such as spinach, salmon, nuts, and oysters.
  • Protect your eyes from the sun

Of course, doing all these things doesn’t mean that your eyes won’t regress. And everybody’s vision changes as they get older. If it does happen, know that your Orange County laser surgeon offers LASIK eye enhancement to complement your original LASIK eye surgery to help you restore your vision in case regression occurs.


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