Are Medical Tests Vital Before a Cataract Surgery?

Medical tests are often conducted before any type of eye surgeries to ensure that the procedure will go smoothly and as planned. The specialist may decide to check your heart through a process called electrocardiogram (EKG) or perform blood check the presence of anemia.

Although the tests play a significant role in preparing the patient, they sometimes complicate your surgery schedules. At times, however, these tests might be deemed unnecessary in the first place.

Tests can’t change the outcome of low-risk surgery

These tests don’t help in lowering the risks during surgery. Unlike other surgeries, cataract surgery has very no possibility of complications. You shouldn’t expect to get a heart attack during a 15-minute procedure. The doctor numbs your eye with an anesthetic which makes you relax throughout the process.

More tests

Another disadvantage of taking tests is that they can cause false alarms, forcing doctors to conduct more tests. Some of these tests may expose you to radiation, which worsens the health of your eyes. The more tests you take, the higher the health risks.

When tests are necessary

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider taking medical tests first, especially if you have certain health conditions or illnesses that may affect the outcome of the procedure. Results from these tests can help your doctor change certain aspects of the surgery.


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