At Excel Laser Vision Institute, we understand that you have plenty of options on where to have your LASIK vision surgery performed.  The Excel Laser Vision Institute was founded in 1997 as a LASIK surgery eye center with the primary goal of achieving perfection in every laser eye procedure performed, providing fantastic vision correction throughout Southern California. This level of perfection starts with Dr. Ferzaad Moosa and the tens of thousands of procedures that he has personally performed. Dr. Moosa’s strong commitment to patient care and satisfaction is second to none.  At Excel, Dr. Moosa always speaks of success in terms of patients’ satisfaction, not just the technical clinical results of the laser eye surgery. This is what makes Excel Laser Vision Institute so special, its commitment to top-quality eye care for patients throughout Southern California.

This unique patient care philosophy begins with each patient’s initial consultation, where each individual’s case is evaluated by only the most experienced doctors. From the moment you walk into one of our three Excel Laser Vision Institute centers, Dr. Moosa will be intricately involved in your eye care. This not allows our patients to feel more comfortable about their upcoming LASIK procedure and ensures that any and all information discussed is checked, and double-checked prior to the LASIK surgery.

In addition, all of your pre-and post-operative visits will take place in our facility, unlike other LASIK clinics that will send their patients elsewhere for these visits. The well-regarded owner and President of Excel Laser Vision Institute in Los Angeles and Orange County, Dr. Ferzaad Moosa has performed tens of thousands of LASIK procedures over the course of the past 15 years. Board certified in ophthalmology, Dr. Ferzaad Moosa serves as a specialist in laser eye surgery.